Dinner Date: Pozole

Dinner Date: Pozole


Spend an evening with Fabiola Donnelly learning how to make a traditional Pozole. Literally translated as hominy, this delicious stew is made with a base of hominy cooked in broth, plus a pork, chicken or beans. A celebratory meal often served at the new year, we thought it wold be a perfect late winter meal to tide us over to spring.

What to expect:

  • Welcome glass of wine or beer and a few light nibbles upon arrival.

  • Class will include some demo and some hands-on instruction.

  • Students will make a full meal including meat and vegetarian options, and sit down together at the end to eat their creations.

  • Additional wine and beer available for purchase.

More about Fabi:

Fabiola Donnelly is a cooking instructor, an author, a photographer, and a recipe developer. She shares many of these passions on Not Just Baked; a seasonal cooking, baking, healthy food, and lifestyle website. Fabi also teaches cooking classes in and around Portland and Vancouver, and appears monthly on a live TV show in Portland sharing recipes from her website. She is a natural in front of the camera and loves the challenge of tailoring her recipes for TV.

Born into a huge and food passionate family in Mexico that had originated from Spain, her Latin and Spanish roots are reflected in many of her dishes. 

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