What we ask of our teaching assistants:

Our teaching assistants arrive 30-60 minutes before class begins, and stay 30-60 minutes after to help clean up.

Help students get situated if they arrive late for a class and the teacher has already begun.

Be the teacher's right-hand during class. Depending on your experience and skillset, you may be asked to help prep items, grab ingredients or equipment for the students, or relay info to the group.


Help the teacher keep the kitchen clean and organized. Move dirty dishes to the pantry, empty compost bowls, etc. 

Wash dishes during and after class. Load and unload the dishwasher, wash larger items, and keep the main teaching kitchen free of dirty dishes.

Help with end-of-class tasks. This includes things like sweeping, taking out the garbage, wiping down surfaces and rearranging the studio for the next class's set.

What we give our assistants:

            Every new assistant will get a mini-orientation for their first shift. 

We feed our assistants with the class food and will usually offer a glass of wine. Also, when you are assisting a class, you’ll “learn” that class. 

In addition to learning, tasting, and receiving recipes for the class they’re assisting, Cookshop Assistants will earn discounts for each class they assist at. Most onsite, regular length (2 hour) classes will earn 30% off a future class (3 classes = 100% off a class). Longer, off-site classes will earn higher %.  (Available upon request, as an online discount code.Please note, some classes will be off limits for assistant discount codes). We will also have a few times a year when volunteers can use their discount credits to purchase wine, food items and/or products. 

Cookshop Teaching Assistants can also attend any 


How it works:

Want to join the pool of Volunteer  Assistants? Hooray!  Email info@portlandcookshop.com and request to be added to the Cookshop Volunteer Assistant Mailing List. Include your name, email, mobile phone number, and any relevant experience you have (restaurant experience - front or back of house, previous teaching experience, or just a love of food and learning!). 

Once you have been added to the list, you will receive regular emails with links to a sign up form. The slots are first come, first served. Please only claim the times and dates that you know you will be available to commit to. If you have a conflict come up, we request that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can find a replacement assistant. If you are a no show, or act in a way that breaks any of our code of conduct rules, you will be removed from our list and not invited back to any classes at Cookshop.


Cookshop Volunteer Assistants are seen as ambassadors of the Cookshop brand, and are therefore expected to act in a professional manner, and follow these guidelines:

- Arrive on time and stay until assigned end time.

- Dress in a professional manner. There is not a specific uniform, but we ask for: no offensive wording or logos on clothing, no low cut or belly exposing shirts; - closed toe shoes, no heels, long hair tied back, 

- Cell phones are not to be used during class except during beaks and out of view of students

- Eating is to be done at specified times during class

- A shift drink may be offered at the end of class

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